Taking Charge of your Cyber Safety | Data can be Compromised

Published on April 30, 2020

Taking Charge of your Cyber Safety

A lart part of our world is spent on the digital or virtual world. We study, play as well as socialize online besides paying bills, shopping and storing documents. The generation of today cannot visualize wasting time standing in queue to book train tickets, withdraw money from bank or get a loan approved from the bank. The digital world saves our time, speed and gives us comfort. But if our personal information can be compromised if it is in the wrong hands. Time to take charge of our Cyber Safety!

You’re probably already a name online, even if you don’t know. Using the details you post in blog comments, tweets, snapshots, videos, and links, you create an image of yourself on the Internet. Others give their own (good or bad) views to your name. Such information can be found and used by anyone to make judgments about you. Microsoft conducted research in Canada, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and the United States and found that while at some point 91 percent of people have done something to control their online profile, only 44 percent of adults are consciously concerned about the long-term effects of their online activities.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) proves to be a great tool to protect privacy and secure Internet. It links two machines on the internet safely and privately. A VPN is usually designed to provide an encrypted and secure tunnel for the transmission of data between business network and remote client.

The information transmitted between the two or more locations flows via encrypted tunnel so that no one can read it. VPN adds to private and public networks such as Wi-Fi hotspots a layer of security and confidentiality. The VPN fully spelt as virtual private networks is surely amongst cyber safety tips to employ.

Some Virtual Private Networks (VPN) which offer good value for money are listed below;

  • HideIPVPN
  • Zone
  • TunnerBear VPN
  • me VPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN
  • NordVPN

When time progressed, the advantages of VPN were more commonly understood by consumers other than just businesses and organizations. VPN is being used by various companies and organization worldwide as it helps to communicate with confidence over the public networks. It can transmit video, audio or any kind of information. It is the best option to share data between international organizations remotely. The users who want an anonymous identity on the internet can use VPN and hide their identity on streaming channels and various websites.

Some other cyber safety tips are;

  • Two-factor authentication; adds additional protection when verifying a login requires an additional step. For two-factor authentication, it sends your phone a text message with a confirmation code after checking your password if the system does not recognize your device. If someone has your username but hasn’t got your phone, they won’t be able to access your account even with a correct password.
  • Operating System Updates; Many of the changes provided by operating system developers are related to problems related to computer security. Make sure your operating system still runs the latest updates or use a developer-supported operating system. Microsoft no longer supports older operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP and therefore no longer receives updates.
  • Be Aware of Phishing; familiarize yourself with phishing scams and methods used to trick you into disclosing information about your account. Common goals include online banking sites, Paypal, eBay, Amazon, and other popular sites requiring logins.

Here are some of the measures and cyber safety tips to keep your computers and personal information secure when connecting to the Internet.

Taking Charge of your Cyber Safety | Data can be Compromised

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