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With the new Whatsapp features in 2019, WhatsApp has not stopped updating its app. Recently, the chat app has purchased new features such as fingerprint authentication, continuous voice messages, group invitation, delete for all, low data consumption, hide read receipts, group video call. Etc. for its users and is expected to update its app further, distinguishing it from its competitors. Rumours have been around for a long time about the dark mode and media editing feature, but that’s not all, and the company owned by Facebook is looking to make its app more intuitive.


Whatsapp New Feature Dark Mode

WhatsApp has been talking about implementing the dark mode since mid-2018, but the chat app supporters were impatient with a delay in the release. The Messenger app from Facebook already has the dark mode and WhatsApp got the function in the near future. In addition to looking great, the fresh dark mode made it simpler for customers to chat at night and save battery as well.


Whatsapp New Feature Group Call

WhatsApp has launched a dedicated call button in group chats for Android v2.19.9-something that has been accessible to iPhone users since last year. You can use the freshly launched button to create group calls by incorporating all attendees at once from a slide-out tray containing all members in a group’s contact cards. Here you can tap the names of individuals in your group voice or video call you want to engage in. That’s another cool one amongst the features of whatsapp.


Whatsapp Automatic Voice Messages feature

This function enables two or more voice messages to be played automatically one after the other. After being a work-in-progress since November last year, this function was allowed last month and you will need to be on the above-mentioned beta version (or the recent beta) to use it.


Whatsapp Fingerprint feature

The whatsapp fingerprint feature is surely one to come by with as in the world of tech today, many mobile phones come with the fingerprint feature. As the name indicates, using a fingerprint sensor, the Authentication function will allow WhatsApp customers to lock their account and unlock it.

WhatsApp will demonstrate users a sign that they need fingerprint authentication to unlock the app. It will indicate an error if after multiple attempts, the app is not unlocked. Notably, in the stable version of the iOS app, iPhone users already have the feature, and apart from fingerprint authentication via Touch ID, face recognition via Face ID is also accessible for them. This is one of the coolest amongst the whatsapp new features.


WhatsApp Frequently Forwarded label

If one message has been forwarded over four times, the Frequently Forwarded label will appear. WhatsApp seeks to add this function to assist the user know when a message on WhatsApp is very common. The tracker states that when a message is set as Frequently Forwarded, the Forwarding Info function does not appear to be accessible. While in beta the feature Forwarding Info has been activated, but it displays ‘ default disabled.’


WhatsApp Forwarding Info

All consumers updating to this beta variant were able to see how many times a message was sent. However, only when you are the sender of a message that has been sent to various customers is this data accessible. This can be verified by pressing the forwarded signal for a long time and tapping at the top of the data icon (‘ I’ in a circle).

Whatsapp New stickers

The whatsapp new stickers feature is undoubtedly a hip and fun thing amongst the new whatsapp features which really excite many of its users. The new version comes with preinstalled stickers of different categories. The most exciting is there are third-party sticker providers, which their apps can be found on the Google playstore. Just make a download and then install, then after that add it your whatsapp and that’s it. You gain access to creative, funny and hip stickers.

The new Whatsapp features are damn exciting things which the company really did so well at and achieved the feat of making people glued to their app and increase its daily use. The new whatsapp features are stuffs which you should try some of which were listed above.


New Features of Whatsapp

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