New Update from Google (Consumer Electronics and Consumer Technology: 2017)

Google Assistant coming to Android TV and set-top boxes

What is Google Assistant?
Google Assistant is an assistant that helps to understand technology to the technology unaware people. Google assistant is often called as a virtual assistant. For example, when cloud and rain formation occurs we cannot see rain in the same way we cannot see the assistant as human. The AI based Google Virtual assistant has been introduced in upcoming Televisions. It is possible that this feature may be available in one of the Google Updates for old Televisions. The reports say that this feature will be available in upcoming months whereas the old Android TV is still waiting for this update. Not all TVs will have this feature, only selected models like Sony may get this update by the end of this year. Google Assistant is available on the support based by Google.

What is Android TV?

Android TV uses the same Android OS used in mobile but without SIM card support, so you can use apps like YouTube, FB Messenger, Skype, Facebook etc. Android TV has sharp graphics like HD Graphics just like LED TV, Plasma TV etc. The latest version of Android is Nougat whereas the upcoming version of Android will be introduced later. You can keep checking our website for latest updates.

What are Set-Top Boxes?
A Set-Top Boxes is that type of box that receives and send signal through the WiFi or VSAT like satellites to watch the videos, movies, YouTube etc., although some set-top boxes with come with the backup feature like pen drive support.

Android TV and Google Assistant are a part of an upcoming update for Android TVs running Marshmallow or Nougat. The NVIDIA Shield may be the first Television to support Google Assistant and will available to other hardware products like the Sony Bravia and Xiaomi Mi-Box later on, says Google.

The big platform like “Actions on Google” as a platform as services has been recently announced by Google for the support of Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is currently available only on the Google Pixel Phone with wide range of smart phones and Google Home. By adding Google Assistant to Android TVs, Google wants to expand their reach to normal consumers who have already purchased the supported hardware which is need for Google Assistant.

Google Assistant coming to Android TV and set-top boxes CES 2017

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