Redmi 12 5G Review: Xiaomi's Budget Powerhouse Unveiled

Published on October 17, 2023

The Redmi 12 5G has been creating waves in the smartphone market, and for good reason. In our “Redmi 12 5G Review,” we aim to provide a comprehensive look at Xiaomi’s latest offering, highlighting its strengths and areas of improvement. Join us as we dissect the features and performance of this much-talked-about device.

Redmi 12 5G Review: Design and Aesthetics

The Redmi 12 5G introduces a refreshing design, distinguishing itself from its predecessors and other models in the Note series. Embracing a minimalist design language, the phone boasts clean lines and a symmetrical build. This design shift not only gives the device a contemporary feel but also aligns it with some of the latest design trends seen in premium smartphones.

Despite its large 6.7-inch display and a 5000mAh battery, the Redmi 12 5G ensures a comfortable grip and easy handling. This is largely attributed to its well-balanced weight distribution and flat edges. For users who spend a significant amount of time on their phones, whether it’s for browsing, gaming, or media consumption, the ergonomic design ensures reduced hand fatigue.

The premium feel of the Redmi 12 5G is further accentuated by its IP53 rating for dust and water resistance. This protective feature not only provides users with peace of mind but also positions the phone as a durable option in its category. Complementing this is the all-glass back, termed as ‘Crystal Glass Design’ by Xiaomi. This design choice not only enhances the phone’s aesthetic appeal but also gives it a touch of elegance, often reserved for higher-end models.

Redmi 12 5G Review: Xiaomi's Budget Powerhouse Unveiled

Redmi 12 5G Review: Display Experience

The Redmi 12 5G boasts a 6.7-inch FHD+ display that immediately captures attention with its sharpness and clarity. Offering a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, the screen ensures that images are rendered with crisp details, making it a delight for users who consume a lot of visual content. Whether it’s browsing photos, reading articles, or playing games, the display’s resolution ensures that every pixel is presented with precision.

One of the standout features of the display is its 90Hz refresh rate. This ensures that motion on the screen, whether it’s scrolling through web pages, navigating the user interface, or playing fast-paced games, is buttery smooth. For users who are accustomed to standard 60Hz displays, the jump to 90Hz offers a noticeable difference, making interactions feel more responsive and fluid. This is especially evident when watching high-frame-rate videos or playing games that support higher refresh rates.

Brightness is another area where the Redmi 12 5G shines. With a peak brightness of 900 nits, the display is easily legible in most indoor settings. However, when taken outdoors under direct sunlight, users might find themselves adjusting the brightness to achieve optimal visibility. While the LCD panel is vibrant and produces rich colors, it does have its limitations, especially when compared to AMOLED displays. AMOLED screens are known for their deep blacks and higher contrast ratios, and while the Redmi 12 5G’s LCD is impressive, it might sometimes lack the depth and contrast that AMOLED panels offer.

Performance Insights: Redmi 12 5G Review

The Redmi 12 5G’s performance is a testament to the advancements in mobile technology, even in the budget segment. At the heart of this device is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 SoC, a chipset designed to bring robust performance and 5G capabilities to more affordable smartphones. This processor, built on advanced architecture, ensures that the Redmi 12 5G can handle a variety of tasks with remarkable efficiency.

When it comes to everyday tasks like browsing the web, checking emails, or using social media apps, the Redmi 12 5G performs seamlessly. There is a noticeable swiftness in app launches and transitions, making the user experience fluid. But the real prowess of the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 SoC becomes evident when the phone is pushed to its limits. For gamers, the Redmi 12 5G offers a gaming experience that is smooth, with minimal frame drops even in graphic-intensive games. The chipset ensures that games run at optimal settings, providing users with detailed graphics and responsive controls.

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Another area where the processor shines is in multitasking. With multiple apps running in the background, switching between them is a breeze, thanks to the RAM boost feature. This feature optimizes RAM usage, ensuring that frequently used apps remain in memory and are readily accessible without any noticeable lag. This is particularly beneficial for users who often find themselves juggling between productivity apps, social media, and entertainment platforms.

Camera Capabilities of the Redmi 12 5G

The Redmi 12 5G’s camera capabilities reflect Xiaomi’s consistent efforts to enhance photography experiences across its smartphone range. The rear camera, equipped with a 50MP primary sensor, is designed to capture detailed and vibrant images. This high-resolution sensor ensures that photos retain clarity even when zoomed in, making it ideal for those who love capturing intricate details. Paired with a dedicated portrait sensor, the camera setup excels in producing images with a depth-of-field effect. This results in portraits where the subject stands out sharply against a beautifully blurred background, a feature that was once exclusive to high-end smartphones or DSLRs.

The camera software further complements the hardware with a range of features and modes designed to enhance the photography experience. The AI enhancements work in real-time to recognize scenes and adjust settings accordingly. For instance, when capturing portraits, the camera’s ability to accurately recognize and reproduce skin tones ensures that the subjects look natural and lifelike. This attention to detail extends to the color reproduction as well, with the camera producing images that are vibrant yet true to life. However, while the camera performs exceptionally well in well-lit conditions, its performance in low-light scenarios can sometimes be inconsistent. While the night mode tries to compensate for the lack of light by brightening the images and reducing noise, some shots might still appear grainy or lack detail.

Redmi 12 5G Review: Xiaomi's Budget Powerhouse Unveiled

On the front, the 8MP selfie camera ensures that users are always ready for that perfect shot. While it might not boast the highest resolution, it is adept at capturing selfies that are clear and detailed, especially in favorable lighting conditions. The front camera also benefits from software enhancements, offering features like portrait mode and AI beautification, ensuring that selfies are both flattering and social media-ready.

Battery Performance

The Redmi 12 5G’s battery performance is a testament to Xiaomi’s commitment to ensuring that users don’t find themselves reaching for the charger multiple times a day. Housing a robust 5000mAh battery, the device is optimized for longevity. Whether you are streaming videos, playing games, or simply browsing the web, the Redmi 12 5G consistently delivers a day’s worth of usage, even for the most demanding users. This extended battery life is particularly beneficial for those who are always on the move and rely heavily on their smartphones for both work and entertainment.

While the impressive battery capacity ensures prolonged usage, the inclusion of 22.5W fast charging support is the cherry on top. Gone are the days of waiting hours for your phone to recharge. With the Redmi 12 5G, a short charging session can provide a significant boost to the battery percentage, ensuring that users are quickly back in action. This fast-charging capability, combined with the device’s enduring battery life, ensures that users have a seamless and uninterrupted smartphone experience, making the Redmi 12 5G a reliable companion for daily tasks and entertainment.

Final Thoughts: Redmi 12 5G Review

In wrapping up our Redmi 12 5G review, this device stands out as an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers. Skilfully balancing aesthetics, robust performance, and impressive battery longevity, it offers a comprehensive package that is hard to overlook. Yet, its camera, despite showcasing potential in certain scenarios, can occasionally falter in consistency. For individuals considering a slightly higher budget, the market presents alternative choices that might deliver a more rounded experience.

Redmi 12 5G Review: Xiaomi’s Budget Powerhouse Unveiled

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